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Announcing Total Asset Management (TAM) from TruQC and Carboline

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Announcing Total Asset Management (TAM) from TruQC and Carboline

Carboline is pleased to introduce TAM, an industry changing iPad based software that makes tracking people, projects, and assets, simpler. All the data is in real time and eliminates the need for time consuming paperwork.

“TAM solves the documentation issues that owners face in one simple and integrated solution in one central location. It saves customers a tremendous amount of time, their most precious commodity”, Doug Moore Vice President of Global Marketing and Development.

TAM offers customers multiple reports including: daily inspection report, maintenance report, custom asset checklist, and time and materials report. In addition to the multiple reports TAM also has a barcode scanning feature that allows users to retrieve key product and batch information by simply scanning the barcode on a Carboline red bucket. Critical information such as product, and batch data will automatically load into TAM once the barcode is scanned. Another key feature is the easily accessible up-to-date Carboline product data sheets and safety data sheets within the software. The product data sheets and safety data sheets allow customers to always have the supporting documentation they need without leaving the app.

About Carboline Company

Carboline Company is a St. Louis-based coatings manufacturer with a global reach. They produce high quality performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products in more than 20 manufacturing facilities around the world. Carboline sees their cutting-edge research and development center as a reflection of their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the protective coatings industry. For more information visit www.carboline.com.

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Jane Woodall, 314-644-1000 x 2340, jwoodall@carboline.com


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